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‘Big 5’ IT Worries

Imagine a world where IT is worry-free. We specialize in eradicating the 'Big 5' IT Concerns that, whether you realize it or not, have an impact on your company's productivity and profit.

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1. Network Downtime and Crashes

Technology plays an important role in the day-to-day operations of your business. We can decrease or eliminate the time and expenses associated with network outages and failures, regardless of how big or small your company is. Your network will keep running with proactive technology management, which includes:

  • 24/7 365-day monitoring with server availability and performance alerts.
  • Server preventative maintenance.
  • Deployment of security updates and patches.
  • Hourly, image-based backups onsite and replicated to a secure-data centre
  • Disaster-recovery planning

2. Slow IT Support and Response Times

Technical assistance is required for software updates, user issues, and organizational changes. Having rapid, responsive, and professional tech support – readily available to all users in your organization – is critical to minimizing interruption. The larger the expense to the company, the longer an employee has to wait for a resolution.

Bit Solution is a monthly subscription that includes limitless support services. This means that your staff can use our Help Desk right away, without having to wait for internal clearance. It also contains the following:

  • Unlimited 24/7, 365-day tech-support services
  • A “live answer” Help Desk – no voicemail.
  • Simple, one-click feedback survey on every closed service ticket.
  • A full team of certified technicians and network administrators.

3. Slow System Performance

While server failures and network outages are inconvenient and expensive, the average Canadian business loses more money each year due to a less obvious cause: sluggish system performance.

By ensuring that these systems are well maintained and working at an optimal level, we may save your company thousands of dollars in lost productivity each year. Bit Solution provides the following features:

  • Automated preventative maintenance on all workstations.
  • Scheduled deployment of security updates and patches.
  • Monthly “365 Best Practice” reviews – auditing systems and making recommendations for improved performance.
  • Managed workstation replacement cycle.
  • 24/7, 365-day access to our support help desk.

4. Ransomware, Hacks and Security Breaches

Cyber-threats are becoming more specific and expensive. Ransomware, which encrypts a victim's data and demands a ransom in exchange for the decryption key, is a real and growing threat. Due of lax security methods, insufficient backups, and a higher possibility of paying, small and medium-sized business owners are being targeted. Protecting your company's data necessitates a multi-layered, coordinated approach. Unified Threat Management (UTM) is included in our BIT Solution service, as well as:

  • Enterprise-class firewalls, with regular configuration review and testing.
  • Malware and breach protection, leveraging real-time, predictive intelligence from Cisco.
  • 365MailSafe anti-spam protection.
  • Best-in-class anti-virus protection – deployed, monitored, and managed by 365 Technology.

5. Costs

Many companies approach IT spending in a reactive manner, replacing equipment as needed and deferring upgrades as long as feasible. Controlling these costs and maximizing ROI are critical for your company's success.

Bit Solution delivers senior-level strategic guidance to guarantee that your technology spending and solutions are optimized, including:

  • Semi-annual technology business-review meetings.
  • Four-year capital and operating-expense budgets for IT.
  • Asset-lifecycle planning.
  • Vendor management and contract review.